Sand Sculpture

Just come back from a weekend in Weymouth thought we would finish off our break with a trip down to Weston Super Mare and take a look at the Sand Sculpture exhibition, the theme for this years event is Hollywood the standard of the exhibits is as always fantastic the centre piece is King kong he is huge and must stand about 20ft tall the details are fantastic, its a shame that some of the sculptures have suffered at the hands of the extremely cold weather with the frost penetrating the sand however the artists are busy repairing them to their former glory if you are in the south-west from now until September I would recommend you take a look at this fine exhibition. The following are a few photos of a selection of some of the exhibits apologies for quality of pictures as the weather is still cold and dark.

sand 1  sand 2

Golum from Lord of the Rings and ET

sand 3  sand 4

Harry Potter and Clint Eastwood

sand 5  sand 6

Pirates of the Caribbean and Alfred Hitchcock

sand 7

Audrey Hepburn

sand 8

Marilyn Monroe


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